At Shine and Rise, we want to help make your place the best place to work. We know that engaged employees make so much difference to organisations and give more every day. This translates into the quality of work they do, the customer service they deliver, a team who enjoy coming to work and a profitable and successful organisation. 
Have you ever contacted a call centre and spoke to someone who was clearly engaged?  How did it make you feel?  Happy to use them again?  Likewise, did you ever speak with someone who wasn’t engaged?  How did you feel as you put the phone down?  Probably frustrated and uninspired right? Your people are your business and they mean the difference between average and outstanding, failure or flourishing. 
So, what can we do to help?  
We know from our experience and research that there are some critical factors that really impact engagement.  
This is where we focus and get to work: 





"A tenacious approach combined with recognising the need to challenge the status quo, ensures that Mel delivers positive results that enable individuals and groups to move forward. I do anticipate working with Mel again in future given her track record on delivery, and I would most certainly recommend her to others requiring her skills and expertise." 
Marion Pye 
The Department of Health, Senior CRM Project Manager 
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