Our client (a global telecoms company) came to us when it became clear that the level of leadership required of their people was greater than what was being demonstrated on the ground. Their business landscape had evolved and they needed leaders to step up to the challenge that was being presented. 
We worked with the client and developed a transformation leadership programme. This programme helped leaders understand their own engagement and purpose. This translated into leaders taking critical business decisions they had historically avoided, the generation of new revenue streams and challenge of the status quo when it no longer worked. 


Our client (a financial services organisation) came to us when they were struggling to articulate their culture to their team. We realised that involvement of all employees was necessary and so started a diagnostic process. This process not only informed about the culture but also other areas of organisational development that needed to be delivered on. 
We worked with the Board to clarify the vision and mission for the organisation, then engaged the whole team in generating the company values. This resulted in greater clarity for all employees and a unified sense of purpose that has resulted in greater collaboration and stronger team connections. 

High Performing Teams 

Our client (a high profile local authority) were facing some of the toughest cut backs in their history. They were keen that both leadership and team performance did not dip during these challenging times. As part of the leadership development approach implemented for the client, we focused on the area of high performing teams. 
We worked with in tact teams to help them understand the common traits of high performing teams, asked them to assess their performance against the framework and then worked with them through group coaching and feedback to enhance their performance. Several teams transformed their team performance and delivered outstanding results gaining them acclaim across the council. 

Company Wellness 

Our client (a charitable trust) was entering into a period of great transformation and this had impacts on the entire workforce. Most employees were being asked to do more with less and some faced uncertainty about their future with the organisation. This naturally impacted on engagement, productivity and employee well-being. 
We worked with the client to create bespoke sessions that allowed employees to learn about resilience and understand it at a personal level. This enabled colleagues to clarify what strategies they needed to put in place to remain resilient and positive during this challenging time. 
"After a year of the system being in place, performance had noticeably improved, work that did not add value had ceased and motivation was enhanced as a result of greater individual and team clarity." 
Bob Thompson 
Director, Derede Associates Ltd 
"First impressions really do count. Mel is one of the most impactful Executive Coaches I have had the pleasure to work with in my career. 
I have loved working with Mel, her energy and enthusiasm for personal development is awesome. So much so I have continued to engage with Mel for the past 5 years. I would highly recommend Mel as an Executive Coach/Career Coach and she remains a positive shadow in my life." 
Sue Taylor 
Senior Business Digital Transformation Programme Manager 
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